Columbia is growing and changing, and we must nurture its growth by developing creative solutions to new problems so that we can ensure that both Columbia and its residents are prosperous. A robust city is a place where residents have quality jobs, strong school systems, where local businesses flourish, and people feel safe and secure.

Creating a Safe Community

With Columbia’s high violent crime rate, creating a safer Columbia must be a top priority for our city leaders. We must provide our police department with the best resources for training and retention so that they can protect our residents and help create a sense of safety and security in our streets. However, we’re failing them by relying solely on our police to solve the problem.

We as a city and a community have to take the initiative and help nurture this change. By having the city work together with our USC community and business leaders in high crime areas, to develop creative solutions to ensure Columbia is safe and its residents feel secure.

New Investment | Good Jobs

We must market our city as a place of growth so that businesses will want to move here and employees and their families will want to call Columbia home. Utilizing Columbia’s talented workforce and streamlining business licensing processes will foster growth by bringing additional revenue into our city’s budget, which will provide more community resources for our residents and better schools.

Emphasizing smart and sustainable growth, new investment will allow us to apply focus to workforce housing and bring new grocery store options in food deserts.

I will bring my fresh perspective and experience to ensure that we are telling our story to the world so we can attract jobs and opportunities for the people of Columbia.

Becoming a World Class City

It was recently announced that Columbia was named the #2 city in the nation where millennials are choosing to move to. We are a city with the real potential for positive growth in the next few years and we need to establish our mission and vision for who we want to become.

We will either take advantage of Columbia’s many opportunities and ensure we become a world-class, 21st century city, or we’ll squander the opportunity and fall behind. I have the unique ability to bring a fresh perspective to the table, as we work together to solve our challenges and ensure that we’re enacting generational changes to meet modern challenges.

Electing the same people with the same ideas isn’t going to give us the change Columbia needs or drive us forward at this crucial tipping point.

Accountability | Better Government

While the incumbent wants to raise water and sewer fees and bring back the unaccountable slush fund, I know that will only make it less affordable to live in Columbia. I will work to lower utility rates and I will ensure 100% of your water and sewer fees go to fixing and maintaining water and sewer infrastructure like it’s supposed to.